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JabFab was born on the idea that timing is everything.

We created JabFab for businesses like yours that are passionate about employee engagement and the customer experience.  We love social media, and there's a time and a place for that.  However, we saw an unmet opportunity for service oriented businesses to create a more intimate and private form of customer and employee engagement.  Closed-loop and controllable.


Imagine the impact of engaging your audiences during an experience versus afterwards?  What if you could instantly gauge and react to their feelings or sentiment, in the moment?  Then act on it and minimize the use of negativity, concerning your business or brand on public social media, or learn how to double-down on great experiences.


Survey burnout is real.  Just the prospect of completing a survey is enough to put off most people.  So with JabFab we keep it really REALLY simple.  Short, sweet micro-moment feedback.   Tiny and often.  Mobile and convenient, with absolutely nothing for them to download.

Engage Instantly, Act Instantly

With feedback so immediate and instantly accessible, your business can act on it now, versus later.  Imagine the impact that real-time customer service and audience engagement can have on customer retention, satisfaction and employee engagement.  Here's some real-world use cases >