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It's time to take your customer service and experience to the next level, using real-time feedback and response solutions from JabFab.  Tapping into the voice of the customer alone is no longer providing competitive advantage it used to.  In a world of instant gratification and digital natives, that were born into a mobile-first world, your customer experience strategy absolutely must address how you will capture and act on the impulse of the customer.


Real-time Feedback,

Real-time Response,

Real-time Service.

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Our Solutions:

Real-Time Customer Experience Management 

Engage your customers during their experience with your service or product, and receive raw, unfiltered feedback based on their feelings and opinions in the moment in that exact location.  Get notified of positive or negative customer sentiments.  Act on the information immediately, to close the loop and track the service recovery actions, with insights into WHY your customers love/hate your experience.  


Engage employees anywhere, on key topics such as #MeToo, Leadership Development, Job Satisfaction, 360 Degree Feedback etc. Offer a mass-employee platform for anonymous sentiment collection or incident reporting.

Event & Audience Feedback

Engage live audiences or distributed communities of customers or employees with an ultra-simple zero download feedback solution.  Collect opinions, ask questions or monitor the mood of the masses.  Make all of your event content, presenters and venues capable of receiving personalized feedback and insights.

Featured Industry SOLUTION:

Patient Experience Management IN Hospitals & Healthcare

patient feedback.png

JabFab allows hospitals and healthcare providers to create private, closed-loop feedback and response management. watch the explainer video below:

Real-time Patient Experience Management -  Click Here To Download The PDF

Real-time Patient Experience Management - Click Here To Download The PDF

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JabFab brings private and closed loop engagement to your marketing and customer engagement teams.


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