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Empowering customer service frontline teams to deliver amazing experiences, right now.


Our Mission

In a world of after-the-fact surveys and experience management tools that only give you a rear view mirror regarding  the quality of your customer service, JabFab is on a mission to bring closed loop real-time service tools to front-line teams, so they can change the outcome of on-premise point-of-service events, in the moment.

JabFab is a proactive Moment Experience Management (Moment XM) platform, that empowers frontline service and sales teams with as-it-happens customer feedback, enabling them to act in the moment and on the spot.  Hear instantly from customers as they experience your product/service, with actionable alerts that notify your teams of opportunities to close service gaps or orchestrate service excellence.

Our Purpose

At JabFab, our purpose is simple and singular.  To optimize customer experiences by improving frontline service team visibility and reaction time.

Too many businesses, from healthcare to hospitality, facilities to transportation or life sciences to leisure & fitness are negatively impacted by their inability to change the outcomes of failed service experiences, until it's too late.

While traditional experience management (XM) tools have their place, to reflect on what we could have done, JabFab is maniacally focused helping teams to act in-the-moment, and optimize the outcome of a service experience NOW.

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Our Story

Our founding team has spent decades delivering simple and scalable systems of engagement to the world's leading brands and customer-first teams.

The Experience Management industry is historically characterized by old-school survey tools, or secret shopper programs that merely highlight the problems that businesses faced AFTER a customer service event.  So we asked, "what about empowering teams to act in-the-moment to uphold service quality? ". 

A chance encounter with the President of a major Healthcare provider in 2014 led to the very first closed-loop Moment XM pilot, on the JabFab SaaS platform.  Within 6-months, the tangible impact of JabFab on customer satisfaction scores, employee morale and customer loyalty was evident - the rest, as they say, is history.

JabFab is now used across leading Healthcare networks, Transportation & Parking, Facilities Management, Hotels and Hospital providers to empower their frontline teams with the ability to manage customer experience moments in real-time.


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