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                   is bringing it's real-time customer experience & loyalty solutions to Automotive teams

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Automotive sales, customer loyalty and experience teams need all the help they can get, to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic, and micro-chip starved automotive economy.


JabFab has transformed service and sales experience management in several industries.  We are now bringing the same ZERO INSTALL technology to automotive manufacturers and dealers leaders, to offer new ways to drive service appointments, service quality, increased customer loyalty, faster sales and smarter, informed product design and marketing.

JabFab brings a powerful real time customer engagement toolkit,

for personalized feedback and service or sales action, for every customer.

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Feel free to try this one example demo from your customer's perspective

Our use cases for Auto Manufacturers and their dealerships can drive value in several dimensions from increasing service appointment frequency, to ensuring higher levels of service quality and brand reputation, offering new insights into buyer purchasing intent and behaviors, or simply presenting a differentiated service quality to owners after a purchase.

Deploy any of the use cases below in weeks:

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