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Healthcare providers are continually challenged to address the quality of patient service, whilst managing the productivity, efficiency and wellness of their staff.

Poor performance in industry standard satisfaction surveys, low social media ratings and physician or staff burnout are real issues that must be systematically addressed, to optimize healthcare.



"Good patient experience is associated with lower medical malpractice risk"

Provider Wellness

"Efforts to improve patient experience and provider wellness also result in greater employee satisfaction"



"Patients keep or change providers based upon experience. Relationship quality is a major predictor of patient loyalty."

Loss Of Revenues

"Loss of the lifetime household healthcare expenditure is estimated to be more than $1.5 million for hospitals"

(Sources: (AHRQ and Physician's Weekly)


Patient Experience Now

JabFab offers two balanced solutions for Patient Experience and Provider Wellness, so that forward thinking healthcare organizations can rise to the pressure of the new experience economy and Affordable Care legislation, while keeping the wellness of their people top of mind.

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Provider Wellness Now

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