Monitoring Team Wellness

During COVID-19 and Beyond

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COVID-19 has put unprecedented additional strain on already burdened medical and non-medical staff. There has never been a better time to implement provider wellness monitoring.


Healthcare organizations, or any business wanting to keeping track of employee wellness, are welcome to use our complimentary tools for engaging teams.  During this unprecedented time, JabFab is donating free access to organizations looking to keep a pulse on provider wellness:

Here's a few demo examples you can interact with:

Use self selection to easily engage multiple staff types at once:

Target specific groups of staff daily, weekly or periodicallly:

Early warning system for harassment or discrimination events:

Use micro moment feedback to zero in on specific wellness themes

Real time feed, weekly and monthly analytics and insights powered by AI

  • Real-time engagement, daily, weekly, hourly, up-to-the-minute

  • Instant feedback and analytics

  • Trend over time, act in the moment

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