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JabFab MxM Platform Features


JabFab is a zero install software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that was designed with radical simplicity at the core.  In a matter of weeks, your teams can map out the key points in your customer journey where experience is paramount, then embed smart mobile triggers that empower your people with real-time insights and the ability to act.

Zero Install Cloud Based Platform

Let's be honest, your customers don't want to download and install apps to let you know how they feel about your service quality.  So we made JabFab completely zero install, for both them and your teams.  it all works seamlessely, in the cloud.

Immediate Insights You Can Act On

When your customers are unhappy or happy, as they experience your service or product, you will have IMMEDIATE visibility and insights that are location-specific and provide your teams with the contextual information to act in the moment and change the outcome.

Uniquely Valuable Insights & Analytics

Our platform enables you to receive both real-time insights as well as analytics and reports that show you just where the points or failure and success exist. 



New metrics will enable hyper-local management of your customer service operation.

New Unique Ways To Engage Customers & Drive Them To Your Social & Marketing Sites

Since your customers will be using JabFab regularly, you now have a new system of engagement for diverting only the happiest customers to your marketing and social media properties, and a unique PSA and advertising tool to drive up additional service revenue, or offer them ways to contact you after the fact.

Real-Time Alerts & Action

Above all, JabFab empowers your teams with the power of NOW.  That means we can alert anyone in your business that needs to know if a customer is happy or unhappy within seconds.  Then provide them with the context and location so they can do what they do best and close the loop. r

Automated Reports Delivered To Your Inbox

Most of our customers are so busy that they don't have time to log into any new systems.  That's why the majority of JabFab's automated alerts and reports are delivered to your email inbox or as simple SMS texts to your busy teams.

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