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JabFab Platform Features


Unleash the Power of the JabFab Platform


JabFab is a zero install software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that was designed with radical simplicity at the core.  In a matter of weeks, your teams can map out the key points in your customer journey where experience is paramount, then embed smart digital triggers that empower your people with real-time insights and the ability to act.

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Zero Install Cloud Based Platform

JabFab's zero-install SaaS platform ensures seamless deployment and eliminates the need for customers or teams to download or install any software. It works seamlessly in the cloud, delivering immediate results without any hassle.

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Immediate Insights You Can Act On

Don't rely on retrospective analysis alone! 

JabFab provides immediate visibility into customer experiences, enabling your teams to act in the moment. With location-specific insights, you have the context and information needed to change outcomes and drive service excellence.

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Uniquely Valuable Insights & Analytics

Gain real-time insights and comprehensive analytics to identify service gaps and areas of success. JabFab equips you with the tools to hyper-locally manage your customer service operation, making informed decisions based on accurate data.


New Metrics for Hyper-Local Management: With JabFab, you can go beyond traditional metrics and manage your customer service operation at a hyper-local level. 

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New Unique Ways To Engage Customers & Drive Them To Your Social & Marketing Sites

JabFab provides unique ways to engage customers and drive them to your marketing and social media sites. Leverage satisfied customers to promote your brand and offer follow-up tools to address experiences that couldn't be managed in the moment.

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Real-Time Alerts & Action

Above all, JabFab empowers your teams with the power of NOW.  That means we can alert anyone in your business that needs to know if a customer is happy or unhappy within seconds.  Then provide them with the context and location so they can do what they do best and close the loop. r

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Automated Reports Delivered To Your Inbox

JabFab's automated alerts and reports are delivered to your email inbox or as simple SMS texts to your busy teams.  In many cases the feedback is 60%+ positive and extremely encouraging and motivating for frontline teams, and empowers them to address the delta, and netutralize negatives like heroes.

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