Proactive Service Experience Management

JabFab empowers operations, customer engagement, services and care teams with live and on-premise transparency of customer satisfaction, enabling game-time service recovery, better outcomes, retention and loyalty.

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Blanket your customer and employee journeys with smart real-time service transparency triggers, so you can sense when things are going well or not so well, then intervene to change the outcomes or replicate service greatness.

Industry Spotlight: Healthcare Providers & Hospitals
In Healthcare, we are focused on empowering frontline teams and associates with up to the second information that helps them to improve their downstream traditional voice-of-the patient CAHPs satisfaction scores.  JabFab drives new opportunities for compassion and care in the moment, while changing the outcomes of service events.   We also embedded automatic team recognition and appreciation at the core, so we can drive patient services team morale and culture in parallel with this new point-of-service capability. 
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Industry Spotlight: Vacation Rental Property Management 
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JabFab revolutionizes guest experience management, by empowering your team with game-time insights about guest satisfaction you can act on, and improve their experience with you right now, versus later on, when it's too late to make a difference.
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  • Model your entire physical and digital customer or employee service journey within a private zero-install platform

  • Allow people to deliver feedback with hyperlocal alerting for your services teams as they experience your service offerings

  • Alert your services teams within seconds or minutes of service issues that they can address on-the-spot and resolve

  • Use intelligent analytics, AI and reporting to review and adapt your operation periodically, or as it happens

coaching & services

  • Real-time service recovery strategy planning

  • Customer experience services team coaching

  • Real-time feedback engagement planning, for pre-empting satisfaction program outcomes, e.g. CAHPs, NPS etc.

  • Data analytics and management coaching services, based on aggregated real-time experience manageemnt data