Patient Experience Now

jabfab transforms patient engagement and experience management with a zero-install experience management system that can be deployed in a matter of weeks, and have a profound impact on patient point-of-care service quality.

with jabfab


JabFab recognizes that, when it comes to patient experience data, fresher is better.  That's why we empower patient services teams with up to the second information and insights on patient satisfaction DURING a visit, so that the team can act immediately to impact the outcome.

Key Features:

  • No software/app needed for your team or the patient to install

  • Blanket your patients' journey with intelligent signs and digital links to provide feedback and transparency anywhere at any time

  • Receive immediate notifications of negative or positive events, with context and location data so your team can act now before it's too late

  • AI powered insights and issue tracking for next-gen service quality

  • Social media integration to direct happy patients to rate you 5-stars

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