Provider Wellness Now

jabfab offers a simple and un-intrusive toolkit for engaging provider staff, physicians and groups of employees in measuring mood, feedback and overall wellness.   With no software, no kiosks or iPads to install, you can easily engage your provider teams quickly and routinely via their smartphones, to begin a proactive process of listen, understand and act.


Physician, nurse and provider staff burnout is a very real concern for the healthcare industry as a whole.

JabFab helps you balance the current industry obsession with Patient Experience, and the ever increasing problem of managing and maintaining the wellness of the medical or non-medical staff who are administering patient care.

Every healthcare provider is different and will have their own particular cadence and culture.  JabFab has built an experience feedback and action toolkit that enables us to make a tailored approach for every customer.

Whether you simply want to measure the mood of the masses on a Monday morning, or put in place a top-to-bottom provider engagement solution that addresses several areas of wellness and employee safety, our SaaS platform is highly configurable to meet your needs.

Wellness areas to engage, measure and act on with JabFab

  • Burnout

  • Staff Morale

  • Harassment & Discrimination

  • Management Opinion

  • Anonymous Candid Feedback

  • Peer Review & Feedback

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