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Beat 'The Great Resignation' with Great Recognition

Services businesses in particular are seeing huge challenges in the current phenomenon known as 'The Great Resignation'. Healthcare providers are among the most hard hit. The pandemic has added a load to the already overburdened teams, and it's not just physicians and nurses that are burned out and yearning for a more promising future, its EVERYONE!

Progressive employers are doing all they can do to address this growing phenomenon, and leading customer experience officers, nurse executives and provider executives have known for some time that there is a correlation between provider wellness and patient satisfaction. At JabFab, we believe strongly that staff recognition, and REAL recognition with a budgeted commitment and tangible rewards behind it, will be a game changer for hospital and healthcare service providers seeking to move the needle on arresting The Great Resignation, and burnout or wellness in general.

JabFab has spent the last 8 years collecting on-premise patient feedback and satisfaction data, directly from people who are sitting in exam rooms, draw stations, waiting areas, restrooms, emergency rooms and more. In 2015 we discovered a way to close the loop, while the patient was still there. We achieved this by empowering patient services teams with patient satisfaction and dissatisfaction data immediately as it was shared by the patient themselves, within seconds of the event. As we offered this up to hospital service quality teams, they embraced it and began to act in-the-moment to respond and actually change the outcomes of how the same patient would score the provider in the subsequent CAHPS surveys and even on the 'later that day' after appointment NRC and other vendor surveys. CAHPS scores for the departments using JabFab were seen to rise as much as 30%, and the culture of patient/staff communications experienced a measurable boost, as patients were pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness and compassion of the service provider.

The more we observed this virtuous cycle, the more we realized how people, when armed with timely data, can make an unbelievable difference. At the time though, we weren't focused on topics like staff burnout and provider wellness, everyone was fixated on just making their Press Ganey scores look better. COVID-19 changed our view entirely and we learned that we were missing a huge opportunity to recognize the staff properly with gratitude and kudos. So in April 2019 we started to keep a close track of the patient services staff members, site leads and nurse coordinators who were at the proverbial coal face day in and day out. We began to surface information to leadership, so they could see the frequency and impact of their teams' efforts.

Now the recognition and tangible impact of our compassion champions was there in black and white, staring everyone in the face on an automated weekly and monthly report. Dashboards that elevate on-premise patient feedback were updated to include the people who made it happen, and the Great Recognition within our platform began.

This Summer we held a series of work sessions over 3-months with some of the brightest minds in patient experience, family care giving and people with a lifetime of RN experience -- to ideate on the next level of the virtuous circle between patient experience and provider recognition. We're deep in development of one particular breakthrough idea in this regard. It's a feature we are launching in late 2021 that will be another game changer for leaders and teams that are looking to tangibly recognize their teams on a consistent basis.

If you're experiencing the Great Resignation or grappling with burnout in particular, please reach out to us as we'd love to hear from you and help to shape our next solutions with even more candid input from industry leaders and practitioners who are seeking ways to improve and adapt. Just email us at and we will set up a chit chat and comparing of notes! Meantime, we look forward to sharing a part two of this story in a couple of months, with news of the next major product release of JabFab.

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