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We aren't sure why it has taken this long to add a blog to the JabFab website either. Yet here we are kids, we're doing this. So on a cold and icy evening here in Boulder, CO, We submit to you that the JabFab blog is hereby open for business.

First order of play? To share a little newsflash we're kinda ...well, super proud of. A couple of months ago the $43B global consulting firm Accenture, and more specifically the Healthcare arm of Accenture, selected us to be a semi-finalist in their Health-tech Innovation Challenge.

We were truly stoked, honored and humbled to be among the shortlist from what is typically over a thousand tech companies that are endeavoring to advance the #Healthcare industry, and improve the lives of patients, physicians, nurses and the rest of the healthcare community. The event is this week in San Francisco and we can't wait to show the world how simple, how powerful and how impactful our technology has been for customers who absolutely love the difference it is making to patient experience and employee engagement within a provider setting.

Of particular note, we can't wait to meet the impressive cast of healthcare experience management leaders in attendance, and relish the act of participation itself. May the best company win, and may we all win as patients and healthcare professionals alike, from this needed injection of innovation and value creation in healthcare. Thanks Accenture!

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