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Healthcare providers, are you on Clubhouse yet?

So if you know much about JabFab, you'll know we are obsessed with what's happing in-the-moment, right now. Our entire platform is based on helping healthcare providers avoid getting massive FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), when it comes to knowing which of their patients are happy or very unhappy right now, and knowing in time to do something about it, and address service gaps or double down on amazing service quality.

So when we discovered Clubhouse this month (apparently we were late to the party, because it launched in April 2020), we were delighted to find another platform that puts FOMO right at the center of it's offering.

If you don't know what Clubhouse is all about yet, that's fine, it's only just gathering the kind of buzz that's pushing it full-force into the mainstream, as a new type of professional and personal network. Think of it like a podcast meets a live conference. Rooms with people like us (and very famous celebrities from the world of business, entertainment, tech, etc) just sharing, advising, discussing, lamenting, venting and such. Audio only and utterly utterly compelling.

The FOMO comes in because it's not recorded. For instance, if you weren't in Clubhouse last night, you missed all the excitement when Mark Zuckerburg and Kim Dotcom simultaneously joined two separate rooms and pretty much broke the internet startup, as the servers at Clubhouse groaned and creaked under the traffic. But, closer to home, if you weren't on Clubhouse yesterday you missed the Medstartr Healthcare Innovators club bringing together patients, care providers, institutions and partners stirring up conversations on innovation, improving care and funding for a better and more compassionate healthcare system.

Clubhouse can likely attribute a HUGE part of its success of late to the fact that it was born in a Pandemic and has tapped into our pent up need to get out there and meet, greet and discuss the topics that drive us and inspire us most. In a world devoid of conferences and events, it is a breath of fresh air to be able to digitally walk into a room of peers and heroes and just listen, or contribute, ask questions, pose a challenge, get inspired, get advice.

So at JabFab we are challenging our healthcare and wellness service providers (and their partners) out there to embrace this new platform. Download the app, then await your invite to come in. it won't take long. Then let's talk shop. or let's talk Bridgerton. Either way, let's connect again in a meaningful and very human way.

Chief experience officers and champions of patient experience like The Beryl Institute and HIMSS need to be all over this platform, hosting and moderating the discussions that they already hold, but advantaged by this new way of getting the wisdom out and shared.

Here's our call to action. Watch this video, then download the Clubhouse App (sorry it's iOS only at present) and get involved. Invite us to a room, we'd love to chat.

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