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Hospital CEOs Top-10 Concerns in 2021 and entering 2022...

Beckers Hospital Review just revealed the chief concerns of the chief execs at the nation's hospitals and healthcare providers, and staffing issues topped the list. Checkout the rest here.

Naturally, like any self-serving technology solution vendor, we couldn't help but notice that JabFab can offer to lend a hand with at least 5 of the Top-10 challenges - in our own inimitable way.

Personnel shortages, caused by the effects of the pandemic, and the ever-present 'Provider Wellness' and burnout nightmares are a real bear for hospital administrators. As we have noted before, the Great Resignation can, in part, be addressed through great recognition. Perhaps it's time to turn your informal appreciation and analog kudos processes into scalable and continuous systems of recognition, with tangible and authentic rewards and awards for your teams? Coincidentally ( 😀), JabFab literally just launched a fully automated peer and leader recognition capability within our frontline service team enablement platform. We humbly hope you'll consider piloting it for your people.

Patient safety and quality is an omnipresent issue every year, and for decades the hospital establishment has relied on after-the-fact surveys to tell us what we COULD have done if we had only acted in-the-moment during service delivery. What if your frontline teams had early warnings, while the patients and families were still there? Would you have acted differently in 'game-time', versus watching cringe survey analytics replays at the Patient Experience 'after party' ? We think you would. So check this out.

Government mandates like CMS CAHPs aren't going away, so how do you improve the outcomes of these necessary Patient Satisfaction mandates? We truly believe that simple and zero-install Technology can be applied to this challenge. It takes only weeks to get a game-time service recovery program in place, thart helps you 'stack the deck' on CAHPs outcomes, with a fully automated response management tracker. Sat scores can be lifted as much as 20-30% when you empower your team with the right information at the right time, and reward them for their actions. Again.. You should probably watch this.

Ok, we will step down from our self-serving soapbox now folks. Sorry! If it helps, here's a hilarious Friday Reel, involving cats and sticky tape, Team JabFab

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