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In a COVID-19 world - Listening to and building trust with patients/staff- even more important now recently published a story, along with Press Ganey, entitled "Patient Satisfaction Surveying Key to Meet Evolving Patient Needs (COVID-19 has heralded in a new concept of healthcare consumerism focused on patient trust. Patient satisfaction surveying will be key to building that trust.) - Link to article here:

After watching patient experience (PX) take a necessary back seat to availability of healthcare for COVID patients, it was refreshing to see how we, as an industry, have absorbed most of the shock of the pandemic and are again starting to think about patient and staff well being, and how important it is to continue building trust with compassion into the daily operations of the world's healthcare providers.

(Key highlights of the story in the image with this bog)

What was also very refreshing to see in the article, was the recommendation for progressive providers to embrace real-time experience listening technology, and to consider the use of widely used (in most other industry sectors) technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). JabFab has employed this technology now for over two years, to help Hospitals deal with rapid service recovery and up-to-the-second transparency of patient satisfaction during the patient journey.

When you strip away the technology terms and acronyms for AI and NLP, what people need to know is that there is a way to capture a mountain of data regarding the patient (or provider) experience and that interpreting this data and using it to improve service quality now takes seconds, and will not distract from the already under-resourced focus of our valuable medical and non-medical staff.

As most industries have shifted to fact and data based management and metrics for success, the emergence of a data-driven approach to service excellence, and just-in-time care will benefit the healthcare vertical for decades to come.

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