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Patient Experience Management & Staff Engagement - When do YOU close the stable door?

A wise old Norwegian once said that 'It's too late to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted'. And there was born a proverb that may be the ultimate litmus test for any experience management program in 2020 and beyond.

Despite technology advancements in the last two decades, if you open up the kimono on most Voice of the Customer (VoC), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Social Listening programs, the common theme to be observed is one of measurement without timely action.

The average healthcare service quality or experience management program consists of texting, emailing or snail mailing patients AFTER their experience of your service is over. Recent advancements by old-school survey vendors have closed the time frame of this approach from weeks to days or even minutes AFTER an appointment or visit. The common theme here being the word AFTER.

AFTER is too late. Measurement after your customer has already decided to switch providers, diss you on social media, and throw shade at you via Facebook is, frankly, pointless.

World-class healthcare providers are realizing that establishing a system of transparency and action, DURING a service event is how they will succeed in this time of great disruption and beyond. A system of action fosters behaviors where your people are instantly aware of and closing out experience gaps - truly moving the needle on service quality and excellence.

The other revelation for healthcare providers in this new normal pandemic economy, is that experience management must extend not only to patients but also to staff. Physicians, nurses, first line responders and essential staff have never been so pressured, so burned out, and facing the eternal issues of harassment and discrimination that still exist within our society. By offering them simple ways to share how they feel, highlight issues in real-time, and share their frustration or praise, you will be armed to ACT. Make a difference, before it's too late.

So here at JabFab we encourage you to re-think how you think about service quality, and employee engagement. We are in a time for action, not measurement alone. Get a demo. | Real-time transparency | Real-time Intervention | Real-time Outcomes

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