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The Customer Experience Genius of the Coinbase QR Code Superbowl Ad

OK, we are a little biased, since JabFab loves QR codes, and we have seen adoption of these little digital triggers skyrocket during the pandemic, but the Coinbase QR code Superbowl ad was just genius! It showed the way for brands and organizations who may have previously thought that engagement and action with customers has to be an expensive and complex endeavor. On the contrary, it was sooooooo simple!

For 30 seconds or so, Coinbase had the game-time attention of hundreds of millions of people, and so many of them responded by scanning the little flashing icon, that it almost broke the internet as much as the Moosejaw Augmented Reality catalog.

There’s nothing like real-time engagement - especially when it comes to empowering our frontline service teams, and to create customer engagement and listening that is emblematic of next generation customer experience programs. In fact, real-time engagement (and action) is quickly becoming table stakes for many businesses that rely on point-of-service customer care. Hospitals, health care providers, facilities management, hospitality, vacation rentals and retail teams. The quicker you can react to patients, customers, and consumers, by installing listening posts and points in the journey where there may be an opportunity to close service gaps, the greater will be the impact on loyalty, share of household wallet and an uptick on your NPS and other customer satisfaction KPIs.

And, as evidenced by the Coinbase Ad, this type of engagement presents a fantastic opportunity for marketing and PSA engagement. Why not upsell, cross sell or meaningfully engage your happiest customers when they give feedback via QR code engagement? Why not also use this opportunity to drive even higher social media reputation scores and direct them to other social media and internet properties?

Closed-loop service experience management (in real time) is a game changer for businesses that live and die on the quality of their services and how they respond to gaps. We have seen consistently that over 63% of the time you intervene during a negative service experience event, that this event can be neutralized or even flipped to a positive outcome. QR codes offer the simplicity required to build out listening posts across your service experience journey, and we have all seen them out there in airport bathrooms, McDonald’s checkouts and on public transportation. But imagine taking this concept to the next level, as a closed loop listen-and-act system of engagement.

Imagine having the ability to blanket your entire journey at the key points of service that matter, from your lobby to your exam rooms, stores, rental properties, waiting areas, parking, labs, hotel rooms, and just anywhere where your customers roam. Then to be able to establish smart listening posts and a simple mobile way to enable your staff to have visibility and location-aware transparency of where your unhappy and happy customers are right now. Not later on, not after they head to your competitors. Right now, in the moment, with enough information for your services leads to close gaps, or double down on amazing experiences that your customers are praising you for.

Simplicity was the overwhelming reason the Coinbase QR code ad worked.Simple and inexpensive to implement, simple for consumers to use and simple to close the marketing and service loop. Drop us a note at if we can help you create listening and action posts across your customer journey. We’d love to

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