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Ok now don't get too excited, but the old cutesy explainer video about our Patient Experience Management solution was getting a little long in the tooth, and sooooo 2014. So..... here's a much better one for you that we hope you enjoy and also happens to showcase all the fabulous features we recently added into the JabFab platform upgrade for 2021. Including:

  • Support for complex org structures and roll up from individual healthcare clinics and branches to divisions and networks - management reporting 'r us!

  • SendGrid support for email assuredness and security / anti-spam so your teams get every real-time alert on email as well as SMS and the JabFab live feed - no excuse for not implementing real-time service recovery now kids.

  • Contextual tagging of Departments, rooms, locations, people and entities, so your insights are fabulous and your outcomes are even better.

  • Support for trending staff wellness and burnout over time in our dashboards and reporting. Now, as you use JabFab to monitor wellness of the team, you can track results.

  • Upgrades to the AI / NLP that helps you to spot passive aggressive feedback and passive positive as it happens from anywhere in the patient journey.

  • Lovely new color schemes, because who doesn't obsess about UX and UI?

  • More special tweaks, but we don't want to bore you, so watch the video below and sign up for a demo today!

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