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Your Patient Experience Program still Stuck in 1985? Get in Marty! We're going Back to the Present.

Remember that scene in the first Back to The Future movie where Marty is looking worriedly at a polaroid photo of himself and his siblings standing next to a well, and they are slowly vanishing as the course of his life is changing during the movie. There's so many lessons in this plot line for forward thinking Healthcare organizations.

Too many healthcare providers are still only at the compliance stages when it comes to patient service quality and satisfaction. By compliance we mean that they are not managing the patient experience in the present. They are relying on an old-school voice of the customer (VoC) survey provider to process arduous patient satisfaction surveys that were completed AFTER an appointment or visit. In many cases the provider doesn't even get their hands on this experience data until two, three or four weeks later. Recent advancements in paper based surveys shifting to digital have moved the time frame up to the next day, but in the world of customer experience the next day is like a year.

NPS programs, CG-CAHPS, H-CAHPS compliance, and old fashioned SMS post-visit surveys all suffer from the same issue. They are all rear-view mirrors, a day late and a dollar short.

Patient experience data needs to get into the hands of service care coordinators as it happens. Not tomorrow or three weeks later. TODAY, now, while the patient is still in the exam room, at the check-in desk, in the waiting area, or nurses station. That way, there's still an opportunity to act, before the patients vanish to another more present provider, like Marty's brother and sister do in that polaroid. Experience management is about action, and action performed too late = failure. When it comes to patient experience data, fresher is better.

We get that programs like CAHPs / CMS are necessary and part of overall compliance for many healthcare organizations. However, any sharp customer experience officer will tell you that there's mandatory service quality programs like CMS, and then there's voluntary programs that must co-exist in order to create a true and transparent experience management capability.

At JabFab we highly recommend taking a look at how you can voluntarily establish a real-time patient experience program that sits alongside, or just in front of your mandatory after-the-fact compliance based patient survey programs. Even better, if you're listening to patients in the moment and acting on the spot, you have more control of how the patient will respond on the after-the-fact survey later that day or later next week. Our experience and our data shows that 63% of negative patient experiences can be turned around if you act before the patient leaves your facility. CAHPS scores can be lifted by as much as 30%. Loyalty and reputation management programs get a huge boost, and staff are much happier when they see that 65-70% of real-time feedback is positive and points to amazing service delivery and how it can be repeated in every area of your business.

I mean, who DOESN'T want leading indicators of patient experience and satisfaction that you can control? Hello? McFly?..... McFly?.... lets talk -

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