Real-time Service Staff Empowerment

JabFab empowers operations, customer engagement, services and care teams with live and on-premise transparency of customer satisfaction, enabling game-time service recovery, better outcomes, retention, loyalty and more.

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Blanket your customer and employee journeys with smart real-time service transparency triggers, so you can sense when things are going well or not so well, then intervene to change the outcomes or replicate service greatness.

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Recognize and take care of the staff who promote or deliver great service quality & culture

Shift your service quality operation from reactive to proactive and pre-emptive

Elevate NPS, CAHPS and loyalty ratings, while reducing negative public social media impact.

Industry Spotlight: Vacation Rental Property Management 
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Solution Features


  • Model your entire physical and digital customer or employee service journey within a private zero-install platform

  • Allow people to deliver feedback with hyperlocal alerting for your services teams as they experience your service offerings

  • Alert your services teams within seconds or minutes of service issues that they can address on-the-spot and resolve

  • Use intelligent analytics, AI and reporting to review and adapt your operation periodically, or as it happens

coaching & services

  • Real-time service recovery strategy planning

  • Customer experience services team coaching

  • Real-time feedback engagement planning, for pre-empting satisfaction program outcomes, e.g. CAHPs, NPS etc.

  • Data analytics and management coaching services, based on aggregated real-time experience manageemnt data