Staff Recognition & Wellness

The virtuous cycle of 'happy staff, happy customers' has never been more stark and important as it is today, in the climate known as the Great Resignation and the understaffed and overburdened pandemic era. 


JabFab has responded by adding two key elements to our service team engagement platform.  First we enable leaders of service organizations to measure and track staff mood, wellness and burnout.  Secondly, we bring an automated system of continuous recognition and appreciation to teams that are serious about empowering and enabling their staff.


Engage staff as frequently as needed, to measure wellness, burnout, mood, reactions to projects, programs or ideas and more.  Deliver group based engagement or personalized feedback that can be measured and trended over time, to understand if your HR and employee wellness programs are working.

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Visibility to staff mood and wellness, now and over time - to ensure the counter measures are working

Staff morale and culture improvements, from being recognized and appreciated

Staff turnover and attrition risk mitigation, through tangible, continuous recognition

"One of the key ways we are addressing the Great Resignation is through great recognition.  JabFab helps to automate the continuous process of recognizing and appreciating our teams - and is tied directly to service events. "​
 Chief HR Officer - Ambulatory Healthcare Organization

Solution Features


  • Establish an automated system of staff recognition and reward, using JabFab Kudos Points, and tie it directly to actions taken

  • Design and publish simple digital engagements with your team, to measure mood, burnout, harassment or discrimination - from scratch or using templates

  • Deliver on demand or periodically, using email, SMS or on a physical medium, sign or poster

  • Collect and organize responses, and trend over time.

  • Use intelligent analytics, AI and reporting to review, mass analyze comments, themes and more

coaching & services

  • Employee engagement strategy

  • Engagement feedback and survey design consulting

  • Coaching services for teams and leadership on experience, wellness, safety and more