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Neutralize 63% of negative customer experiences on the spot, where they happen, transforming NPS and Customer Loyalty.

JabFab MomentXM redefines service excellence and energizes frontline teams by empowering them to elevate operations to new heights. Through instant, location based transparency of real-time feedback and action-oriented service intervention, JabFab equips frontline teams to respond swiftly, neutralizing negative experiences and doubling down on great customer service. Fostering new levels of satisfaction and loyalty, operational efficiency, more business, and reduced cost-to-serve.

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Powered by JabFab real-time Ai

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  • Elevate service excellence with personalized and location-specific operational service feedback

  • Empower your teams to provide exceptional experiences in real-time, precisely where they are needed.

  • Elevate customer satisfaction, address service gaps proactively, and redefine your operational success.

increase in subsequent
CSAT scores
(e.g NPS, CAHPs etc.)

Reduce service team attrition, while improving morale

Protect and grow your brand and social media reputation

Zero hardware or software apps for you or your customer and team to install

How it Works

Sprinkle our zero-software, zero-hardware sensors across your customer journey and watch as the actionable feedback rolls in to your frontline team.

Sense how satisfied your customers are, during their experience, so you can act instantly to ensure service quality, monitor safety and risk, while protecting your brand reputation.

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Featured Industry Spotlight:
Moment XM for Healthcare & Hospitals


Click here to download our healthcare white paper on real-time service intervention & recovery

Instant visibility of customer disposition and location where its happening

The power to act NOW, before the customer leaves (unhappy)

Alerts and analytics for next-gen customer service


  • Get in front of satisfaction scores and NPS metrics, with the power to influence outcomes.

  • Drive customer loyalty at point-of-service, while promoting other products/services

  • Celebrate and appreciate your service champions, with automated recognition

  • Jabfab MxM

                                           Experience the Power of JabFab MomentXM Today

Why JabFab

Put JabFab to work - empower your frontline services teams

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Stupidly Simple Setup

Implement in days or weeks, with no software to install for you or your customer.

Most of our customers are live within weeks of learning about JabFab, and getting insights they can act on to protect their reputation and drive new levels of real-time service quality.

Transparency Like Never Before

With real-time location specific alerts, you'll be amazed at the visibility and ability to act and intervene.

Location based alerts and context for action

Close the loop and recognize your frontline teams

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New Marketing & Customer Engagement Tools

While you have their attention, JabFab offers new ways to engage customers

Location Specific Ads

Happy customers chaneled to your social media properties

Location Specific PSAs

Follow up tools to act on experiences that you couldn't get to in the moment.


A complete zero-install SaaS toolkit for real-time proactive customer service

From organization and location mapping of your customer journey, to the creation of simple intelligent location-specific triggers that alert your frontline teams when it's time to act on negative customer feedback, or double down on service greatness, JabFab brings Moment XM to any customer first business.

Featured Industry Spotlight:
Moment XM for Hospitality & Vacation Guest Experience Management

Tangible Value & ROI

The impact of Moment Experience Management

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Click Here to download the case study from Medstar Health.

MxM for Pre-empting Hospital CAHPS

"JabFab provides the data needed to make operational changes and serves as a tool to recognize staff for creating positive experiences. It also allows us to act on patient feedback in real-time."​


Karen Alcorn – VP Public Affairs & Marketing, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

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